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Recent Success Stories

We solve business challenges to help brands grow.


Not Joe Mama's Sauce is in now sold in 155 more stores

Apogee won multiple awards for its branding

New packaging, label and logo redesign examples

"Brandthumb was a game-changer for us, the buyers love our new branding, we've more than tripled the number of stores we are in!"

- Joe Sudo,

Your Brand will be in Experienced Hands

Our team focuses on impactful designs that communicate clearly for you and your consumers. Our work connects, informs, or provides experiences that are worth sharing. By developing campaigns that engage, inspire, and foster loyalty, our creativity ensures that the brand and its benefits are clearly expressed across all touchpoints.

For 17+ years, Brandthumb’s creative director, Ernesto Figueroa, has collaborated with some of the world’s best-known brands like Kraft, Nabisco, and Heinz to develop strategies in promotions, shopper marketing, advertising, social media, content, and branding. He leads Brandthumb's creative team to provide original design concepts that will help your company's brand grow.

Still not ready?

Branding is more than logos, more than tag-lines: we develop creative solutions to business challenges!

- Learn how Brandthumb approaches branding for CPG (pdf)

- See why premium brand design is critical for revenue growth
- Review our Capabilities deck (pdf)

Ready to invest in your brand?

Fill in the form below and we will reach out to you as soon as possible to discuss how we can help grow your brand. 

Thanks for your interest in collaborating with Brandthumb.

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Reasons to Rebrand

1 You've outgrown your name. Companies evolve and change as they grow and serve new customers and markets. If you have new products or markets, rebranding is critical to express a new value proposition.

If your company has had a major crisis or a new negative connotation with customers, it’s time to change your brand.


3 You're frequently confused with another company. If you continually have to clarify your company as opposed to another company to potential customers, it may be time to change your brand.


4 You've been carrying around a bad or ineffective name for years. If your company name is not connecting customers, then you may want to consider a rebrand.


5 Your name is not suitable for the internet. A company with the name of Ford Owners may not want the URL, because it means other things than just Ford Owners.


6 People have trouble remembering it, spelling it or saying it. Chick-fil-A can get away with misspellings or a play on words, but most companies can't. 

How can we help your brand grow? 

Option A: Accelerator Program


If your brand's revenue is in the $3-5 Million range, we can help you take it to the next level with our Accelerator Program which includes: 


- Detailed Discovery & Research

- Point of Differentiation

- Clear Value Proposition

- Brand Identity Refresh

- Tagline

- Brand Style Guide (example)

$5,000 per month investment / 3 month commitment

Option B: Starter Kit*

Brand refresh, plus a choice of elements for eligible* early-stage brands:

- Two new logo options with two revisions of the chosen option 
- Brand style guide

And a choice of ONE of the following


- New package label template

- Sales collateral

- Updated website template design (implementation additional cost)

$5,000 investment / 45 day commitment

*If you’re a woman/minority/veteran-owned certified business, part of an incubator or a member of one of our partner groups AND you have less than $3 Million in revenue, you may be eligible for our Starter Kit. To learn if you are eligible email

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