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Apogee Rooftop Bar and Lounge

The Fifty/50 Restaurant Group, well known for transforming dated restaurants and bars into sought-after establishments with unique food and drinks, obtained the rights to redesign and revamp the Dana Hotel & Spa’s rooftop lounge, Apogee, in Chicago. The previous lounge, Vertigo, lost its luster with targets looking for new and exciting experiences in Chicago. 


The aim was to develop an upscale lounge with amazing cocktails, great atmosphere and unique brand story.


Brandthumb designed an identity that taps into the alchemical movement where chemistry; magic, sorcery and witchcraft play critical roles. Utilizing alchemical symbolism, we developed the logo mark that illustrates Apogee’s distinct makeup and customer benefits.


The downtown Chicago area is saturated with bars, lounges and clubs competing for customers and their dollars.  

  • Customers are looking for differentiation and unique experiences

  • Apogee is a rooftop lounge without storefront visibility or ground signage to attract passersby

  • Many competitors exist with unique thematic offerings and experiences that are pushing the envelope to attract customers

  • For Apogee to succeed, it needed an identity that differentiates their establishment from the competitors and delivers on a plan to engage customers in very interesting ways


We formed the foundation of the brand by tapping into the alchemical movement where chemistry, magic, sorcery and witchcraft play critical roles

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