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The producers of AquaMelon were ready to take advantage of the watermelon trend. Unfortunately, they moved too quickly and did not give branding their product the attention it needed. 

After the realization that the packaging acts like marketing and they weren’t taking full advantage of that, they turned to Brandthumb for assistance.


When AquaMelon was ready to go to market, many competitors had flooded the market.

  • A completely new brand identity with equity building elements needed to be created

  • The product needed to SPEAK to customers on shelf

  • The appearance of the packaging needed to reflect the premium ingredients inside the bottle

  • The communication needed to be clear and simple

  • Product benefits needed to be highlighted


Before and After

  • Introduced a core brand color

  • Developed a proprietary brand identity

  • Clearly displayed the product name

  • Descriptor language is clear and simple

  • Core color highlights product benefits

  • Beautiful appetite appeal

  • Highlights ingredients and flavor

  • Contemporary distinguished design

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