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Not Joe Mama's Sauce

Not Joe Mama’s Sauce was created with the intent of taking the typical wing sauce a step further. Brandthumb’s task was to take their branding a step further to better reflect their originality and out-of-control flavor.


The aim was to provide the brand with a new simplified, gourmet look and feel.


Brandthumb created a cohesive look with unique brand colors and equity elements that elevate and differentiate Not Joe Mama’s identity. The logo took on a more stylized and simplified gourmet look to better reflect the premium qualities of the product. The website was revamped to be vibrant, showcase the sauce’s diversity and entice visitors with amazing appetite appeal.


Not Joe Mama’s Sauce has a unique story and a great tasting product. But the original brand was poorly executed and didn’t deliver an aesthetic quality that would give the product’s appeal life in the hearts and minds of consumers. The old identity was cumbersome and gimmicky. The packaging was dull, harsh and did not evoke a gourmet sensibility. The flavor descriptors did a poor job of quickly delineating each flavor offering. Furthermore, the website did a poor job of making people hungry and enticing visitors to try the sauce with mouth watering appetite appeal, nor did it portray the essence of such a unique brand.


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