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Campus Cars

Campus Cars Inc. (CC) is a car sharing company that will save students and their parents' money and headaches attributed to car ownership while on campus.


They allow students that live on local university campus to access vehicles conveniently located in their student's parking lots through the CC mobile app or website.


Students join the service for a monthly or hourly fee allowing them to drive vehicles that are fully insured and offer the newest safety features. CC utilizes electric and hybrid vehicles to reduce emissions and ensure students receive better gas mileage.  


Campus Cars, Inc. is a company that was started by a current Penn State University student  

  • Financial resources were limited

  • No marketing or branding experience 

  • Many competitors exist so we need a way to differentiate the company’s benefits, positioning and value proposition in a simple manor

  • A style guide was crucial to ensure consistent messaging and identity as the company grows


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