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DeliveryCircle_Branding_FINAL_Artboard 1


Brandthumb developed a new value proposition and positioning that emphasized relationship building and partnership. The phrase "We get it" is emotional, relays compassion and an understanding of the challenges of client businesses. Collectively, We get it. Delivered. has multiple meanings. We want partners to understand that DC understands them, hence provides the right tools, at the right scale and for the right costs – a full circle of value.

Brandthumb developed a fresher, trustworthy brand identity system with woven storytelling foundations. The new identity displays proper personality and tone for the type of business DC is. The aesthetics feel authoritative and memorable. Lastly, the design stands out amongst the competition.

Brandthumb developed consistent, attention-grabbing sales materials and digital ads. The ads feature a specific benefit partners can expect from DC’s services. The Orange box became a metaphor that drives equity, differentiates from the competition and is memorable. 


DeliveryCircle’s original branding had no proprietary graphical treatment for equity or storytelling. The design lacked authority and did not convey trust. Furthermore, the colors and type treatment resemble food product. Lastly, the brand identity was not memorable.


DeliveryCircle needed a brand strategy and positioning that focused on distinctive value instead of price and features. In the B2B vertical, partnerships fail because each party did not clearly understand the other’s core objectives or challenges.


After defining the brand, we need to get the word out. Consistent, strategic branding with strong brand equity components needed to be produced to communicate the benefits of the company’s products and services.

Brand Identity

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