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New York City Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

The NYC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (NYCHCC) provides members with resources, visibility, access to capital and promotion to increase productivity and revenue. Their ultimate mission is to represent and advocate for Hispanic Businesses in New York City in a cohesive and collective manor by working on assuring the success of Hispanic businesses and the community they serve.


NYCHCC is an organization in motion. However, their identity and communications lacked the sophistication needed to reflect the values and benefits of the organization to its stakeholders.


NYCHCC approached Brandthumb with the objective of elevating the organization’s identity and communications platforms to match their recent success and growth. Brandthumb set out to develop a new brand identity, a clear value proposition, and strong mission and purpose communications to guide the next chapter for the organization. Brandthumb’s solutions were specially designed to express the company’s core values with simple contemporary aesthetics. We also designed a complimentary website with an elegant, modern approach that allows visitors to find the information and resources they need.

Website Redesign

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