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Krisp and Kool Distributors, LLC produces quality beverage products for retail and restaurant owners.

Their SPURST drinks – low calorie, all natural, lightly carbonated beverages  – are made with brown sugar and a boost of flavors. they can be enjoyed alone or with a mojito, vodka, rum, tequila or whiskey.

We developed a strategic foundation with appropriate target communications and design aesthetics to help build brand equity that resonate consistently.


We designed a branding system that exudes the fun and unique qualities of the brand. The branding elements are lively and tell subtle stories about the quality and uses of the products, all with a consistent look and feel. 


For young companies, it is difficult to grasp the importance of branding and marketing.    

  • Many think it’s simply what you put on social media

  • Many don’t often associate food packaging with marketing

  • Many competitors exist so we need a way to differentiate the company’s benefits, positioning and value proposition in a simple manor

  • Many don't understand that they are not the customer

  • We needed to rebrand from the foundation up



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