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Token Construction

When one of our clients, founder of Morrow Electric, was looking to start a new business with a partner, he turned to us again for branding assistance.

The startup is a construction business that would revolutionize the industry in the Tampa Bay region by utilizing checks, balances and accountability as driving forces to grow the business. 

To start, the company needed a name and branding foundations including an identity and website.

Brandthumb recognized an opportunity to merge both partners’ names – Tommy and Ken – to form Token. Token will leave a memento, a great product and experience, after every completed construction job.




Construction business face serious competition from other companies who offer similar services. The only way to come out ahead in the race for new business is to ensure that the branding is unforgettable both to current clients and potential clients. 

  • Built the brand from the foundation up

  • Sought an understanding of competitors and what they have to offer

  • Researched who the customers are and what they want

  • Ensured communications resonated using a consistent voice


Fleet Design

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