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Paintenance by Painters on Demand

Painters on Demand (POD) offers superior paint services for both residential and commercial properties. Services range from quick “as needed” labor to complete contract-based projects. 


After years of answering how-to questions from customers in regards to their freshly painted walls, POD developed a maintenance program called Paintenance. With a Paintenance plan, POD will maintain client’s paint surfaces so that it always looks perfect.


Appearances are everything and your space says a lot about you, your company or your home. POD’s Paintenance keeps customers’ facilities perpetually clean and freshly painted consistently. A clean, vibrant, well-maintained space shows pride and professionalism. POD can ensure the vitality of client’s establishments.


The overall POD brand was not sending the right signals to the right customers for driving optimal conversions due to unclear branding and communications of the company’s benefit proposition.

  • Consumers were bombarded with many messages every minute. To have their message resonate, it needed to be clear, concise and relevant

  • The brand identity was generic/corporate and has no intentional connection to painting

  • Generating prospects or leads was not working optimally because of confusing marketing messages that did not drive conversions

  • Understanding the different services’ value propositions was unclear making it difficult to articulate and sell


Former Fleet Design

and Uniform

New Fleet Design

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